Application for Live Animals
The NAVC IACUC is required by the Animal Welfare Act regulations to approve the use of animals on display in the expo halls.
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Animal Owner Information

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Animal Care & Transport


The animal will be given a break for food, water and elimination at least every 4 hours.
The animal will be given a break for food, water and elimination at least every 4 hours.
What is the animal's exercise regimen? *

What are your plans to remove and dispose of animal waste? *

Animals cannot be kept in the exhibit hall except during official open hours. Where will animal be housed when not in the Exhibit Hall? *

How will animal be transported to the Expo Hall? *

Are there any additional details of medical/diagnostic/other demonstration that we should know about?

USDA License Number

If you are a licensed exhibitor as defined as any person (public or private) exhibiting animals to the public for compensation including animal acts and educational exhibits whether operated for profit or not, please provide your USDA license number.
1. USDA Health Certificates are required for interstate and international transportation of USDA covered species and certificates will NOT be issued on-site.
2. If you reside within Florida, we advise that you have health certificates but they are not required.
3. Proof of rabies vaccination is a requirement for all animals attending the NAVC Conference in accordance with Chapter 828.32, F.S.
4. Contact information for the person who is responsible for the animal(s) is also required and person should be accessible on-site.
5. All animals must be appropriately confined and dogs must be on a leash. Animals must not block the aisles.
6. Service dogs are exempt from IACUC and USDA requirements, except for proof of rabies vaccination or proof of medical exemption from vaccination.

I understand and accept these policies.
I understand and accept these policies.
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