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Individual Nominee Voting

Nominees in these categories are people that made innovation happen within the animal health industry. They can have invented a product, program or procedure, developed groundbreaking research or even been a catalyst for change within a classroom, inspiring others to commit to a life of innovation themselves.

There are five subcategories:
• Veterinarians
• Veterinary Technicians/Nurses
• Practice Managers
• Students (or those that were students when the innovation was created)
• Other – those that had a profound impact on the industry as business leaders, elected officials, journalists, authors or animal advocates.
SUB-CATEGORY: Veterinarian

SUB-CATEGORY: Veterinary Technicians / Nurses

SUB-CATEGORY: Practice Managers



Organization Nominee Voting

These are those hospitals, companies, associations and academic institutions that have either fostered a consistent commitment of innovation or have developed an innovative product, program, procedure, practice, legislation or delivered a value to the veterinary healthcare team that changes the way they either practiced medicine or enhanced personal well being. 

There are five subcategories:
• Hospitals and Practices (either stand-alone, groups or corporations)
• Corporations/Industry
• Non-Profit Associations
• Academic Institutions
• Other
SUB-CATEGORY: Hospitals and Practices

SUB-CATEGORY: Corporations and Industry

SUB-CATEGORY: Non-Profit Associations

SUB-CATEGORY: Academic Institutions


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